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  • alliequinonesI'm a fan of flexible responsibility. It's the balance between dedication and being able to roll with the punches. It means having a framework that you can apply to a variety of situations. It is not a rigid plan. ~
    The situation today? No.Fucks.Given. Total log mode. Should I have gone to the gym? Yeah. But I was feeling like 💩 so I knew the chances of that were low. To practice #flexibleresponsibility I did this at-home routine instead. I prefer to do heavier weights, but I won't let that stop me from getting some kind of workout in.
    It's relatively quick, if you want to give it a try. I did three rounds of:
    -Single leg Romanian deadlifts with a row 20 reps
    -Bent over rows 10 reps -regular Romanian deadlifts 15 reps
    -Shoulder push-ups 15 reps
    -Goblet squats with a 5 second descent and three second gold at the bottom--great way to make it harder when you don't have heavy weight 10 reps
    -Thrusters 10 reps
    -Lateral raises 10 reps
    -Single leg get-up from bench 10 reps
    PS. Don't mind the shirt 🙊
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  • civichbdx💪👏💯
  • beccieflowersPero of course I was going to comment on the shirt... 😂 You inspire me... and by "inspire" I mean you're making me feel lazy AF.
  • beccieflowersI should be doing squats. Not only am I losing my butt, I also have to practice for the big day... but ask me the last time I did squats... 😳 Or don't, actually. 😢
  • alliequinones@beccieflowers be lazy! If I had a human about to come out of my body I would be lazy as shit. There will be time for squats after the big day (when you've healed of course).
  • beccieflowersOk, so I've done 50 squats since my last comment, on and off, while doing laundry and other cleaning around the house. I also walked Nico to school. So... a little bit. Gonna try for a 40 minute walk this evening. Thank you for making me feel like a 💩... it helps!!
  • beccieflowers(Goblet squats)
  • alliequinones@beccieflowers awesome! I don't want to make you feel like a turd tho, but I'm glad you got some movement in.
  • barbie_q1226Nobody commented on the dog!?
  • alliequinones@barbie_q1226 I know, right?!
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