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  • luvabledogrescuePicasso was born this way and despite his funny looks he is happy and healthy. When a back yard breeder was unable to sell him and his brother they were dumped at a high kill shelter and slated for euthanasia. Luvable Dog Rescue saw Picasso and fell in love. They learned that Picasso had a "normal" looking brother who was also going to be euthanized. Luvable couldn't leave "Pablo" behind so they decided to rescue them together. Both brothers are now safe and up for adoption at @luvabledogrescue in Eugene, OR.🌲Picasso does need dental surgery to remove lower teeth that are digging into his palette due to the misalignment of his jaw😟Once Picasso has recovered from his surgery he and his brother will be up for adoption to a home together!!! #bornThisWay #pitbullbassethoundmix #lowrider #rescued

  • ivanimalcher😍😍😍
  • lilyvergaraaaUgh I want him so badly
  • cnr.lastcast@danielelliotp
  • yogawinetribe#obsessed 😍
  • mery_18ts😍😍😍❤❤❤
  • kaybishx@benj.sharpe
  • theothersheilae@barackaflocka1
  • nikkivinck@lisasapiro wait. Have you seen this?!?!?!??? Why did we not adopt Picasso?
  • martin_orlSeriously, isn't he the cutest? He and Pablo deserve a beautiful family. It bothers me that I am not in the financial position to bring them down to Phoenix with us. My three furbabies would totally adore them. But five right now would be too much and it would not be fair to them. I have to pass. It is about adopting responsibly.
  • amandamshea@Cassandralogg I'm crying
  • lanacallaghan@avagreen8 an angel
  • bay.michaelI'm crying read it @treyneslage
  • cassandralogg@amandamshea oh bb
  • iamnotgengenAwwwww @jehnmaric
  • rycher_pjI adopted 2 dogs, and very happiness with this love, because they didn't need anything but they want only love and family with this love. Thanks for your helping and never stop to sharing your happiness to them. ☺☺☺☺
  • phoebecrewOmg they both are so beautiful, I cant believe someone could be so cruel to let them to die because they are different. If they were mine I could only love them more and more, just like my sweet baby Sophie who have a different paw and does everything a cat does. You are amazing for what you do!!! Thank you for saving this cuties! They diserve all the love and fame they getting. Hope they find the most amazing family and have a great life together! ❤❤
  • _phe0nix@lovevenilee loookk so cute
  • kamsevilmez😍😍😍
  • mamacita_parisI Just learnt about Picasso. I understood he is " famous" know. I dont know how to explain, in english, how much he gave me emotion. Strange feeling. I guess I have no opportunity to adopt him ( them) fromage France...I wish I could
  • mamacita_paris*famous NOW
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