#Repost @dogsofinstagram  Thank you @dogsofinstagram  for featuring our boy! We sure love these brothers and are looking for a wonderful home for them to go to together. Thank you @kelly_beal_photography for this photo! ••• ATTENTION OREGON! Someone please adopt this deserving pup! "Picasso was born this way and despite his funny looks he is happy and healthy.  When a back yard breeder was unable to sell him and his brother they were dumped at a high kill shelter and slated for euthanasia. Luvable Dog Rescue saw Picasso and fell in love.  They learned that Picasso had a "normal" looking brother who was also going to be euthanized.  Luvable couldn't leave "Pablo" behind so they decided to rescue them together.  Both brothers are now safe and up for adoption at @luvabledogrescue in Eugene, OR." writes @kelly_beal_photography
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