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  • digitaltransitionsWe're in our Sunday best and ready to get out and take some shots. Tag us with what you're working on this weekend! 📷🎩

  • markhandyphotography@elundqvist.photo I made the jump to Phase One in 2013. No regrets!
  • elundqvist.photo@markhandyphotography what did you get if you don't mind me asking?
  • markhandyphotography@elundqvist.photo IQ260. I was looking for a camera system that could accommodate the client requests I kept getting: bigger and bigger prints. Our gallery director was pushing 90-inch + wide prints and my Nikon wasn't keeping up. I went with the IQ260 at the time because it was the only back that could do 60-minute LEs. Back in 2013, the downside was that we had to use that godawful 645DF+ body. But, thankfully, Phase came out with the XF body, which is awesome in comparison.
  • elundqvist.photo@markhandyphotography that's funny as I've been thinking of getting the exact same one because of its LE capability.
  • elundqvist.photo@markhandyphotography holy moly! Just looked at your feed. Maybe I should wait buying a P1 until I'm at your level so I can do it justice.
  • markhandyphotography@elundqvist.photo Erik, it's a great back. Make no mistake, it's not the latest and great 100mp back but it still does the job I need it to do. Also, there are now other Phase One backs that do 60-minute exposures too. Interestingly, the 60MP sensor has the largest surface area too. Anyhow, I recently got interviewed by Digital Transitions. You can read more about my philosophy and why I shoot with this system. Go to the blog section of the DT site. You'll find the interview there.
  • elundqvist.photo@markhandyphotography yes sir! Thank you for your help. Maybe I'll see you at one of your workshops one day.
  • markhandyphotography@elundqvist.photo ha! I appreciate that note, Erik. As I've always said: right tool for the job. I have no doubt you're ready to do good work with this system. The question almost always comes down to whether it's the tool you need for your business and clients. If it is, then you could do a heck of a lot worse than Phase One. If you do decide to go this route, buy your gear through DT. Best in the business when it comes to customer service and product knowledge. Doug Peterson -- at DT -- is one of the guys in this biz who knows the technology inside and out. He's a true asset to me whenever I have a question that no one else can answer. And the there is Ken Scott, who sells these systems in Los Angeles. He's a great resource at DT as well. I know a lot of people think of the camera system only but the ancillary benefit to shooting with Phase One is that you get amazing support from guys like DT and you find that the fraternity of Phase One shooters is small. Feels like a family, actually. I'm constantly meeting other Phase One shooters who, often, become friends.
  • hubbardmjonesThat is one HUGE hand!
  • prostream_productionsReally nice!
  • calipso_projectCool stuff 👊🏾
  • blackmilkretouchGreat work
  • fabmuse_diana
  • cbouldin👍
  • sashamalikov@digitaltransitions gents, tell me pls is old phase one l-mount suitable with new XF body?
  • realdavidartCool!
  • franciscodangeloI hope one day i would use one of these!!!
  • sweetcandcup_hqHai dear. Saya hawa, owner sweet can d cup berbesar hati nak ajak sis jadi agen dropship kami. Xde modal diperlukan. Untung sangat tinggi! Whatsapp saya +6014 924 8658 jika berminat. Maaf ganggu
  • peeledmagIm debating getting this@grip
  • seattlefitness_💯
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