This is why. #atheist #atheism #atheistrollcall #atheistpics #christian #christianity #pray #faith #religion #godless #goodwithoutgod #bible
  • godless_momThis is why. #atheist #atheism #atheistrollcall #atheistpics #christian #christianity #pray #faith #religion #godless #goodwithoutgod #bible

  • daxvdw@0011235mich I'm not trying to be rude but I do think your misunderstanding me on purpose and not analyzing what I'm saying with an open mind
  • ms.dnvSooo goddamn trueee!!!
  • ms.dnvIm a fucking goddess. I pray to me. ;)
  • isurvivedtheblackholeSO TRUE. I tried to explain this to my parents when they started *another* religious argument with me over Thanksgiving. They weren't trying to hear it.
  • isurvivedtheblackholeI've barely recovered from this and it's been a while
  • 0011235mich@daxvdw not analyzing? I'm an analyst, that's my job. And as an analyst, I'm bound to pick BS from truth.
  • daxvdw@0011235mich I don't really think you being an analyst applies, yes you have the ability to analyze. Even non analysts can analyze. We can agree on the BS part, we just don't agree on which side is BS. I think saying everything just appeared randomly and naturally makes no sense cause you have to go back farther and farther and something had to create it. Big Bang... okay something unnatural had to make that. There can't be an endless chain of natural events, it would have to stop at one eternal uncaused first cause (something unnatural). So you can believe science answers everything , I can't control what you believe. I would just ask that you analyze it again. Thanks for the convo though, have a good night.
  • artforthegodlessThis is why I'm an anti-theist. I am an atheist because there is no God.
  • 0011235mich@daxvfw I don't think you being a religious extremist applies to 2017.
  • r.mata300@daxvdw Nothing would include God's nonexistence. In Leslie and Kuhn's taxonomy of “nothings,” they list what categories of things might be included in “something” that would be negated by “nothing”: physical, mental, platonic, spiritual and God. If by “nothing” is meant no physical objects or matter of any kind, for example, there can still be energy from which matter may arise by natural forces guided by the laws of nature. Physicists, for example, talk about empty space as seething with virtual particles, from which particle-antiparticle pairs come into existence as a consequence of the uncertainty principle of quantum physics. From this “nothingness,” universes may “pop” into existence.
  • daxvdw@r.mata300 well by nothing I actually mean nothing. You say physicists say that empty space has virtual particles (which means there is something) so these particles can come from other particles yes. Leslie himself says he is driven by gut. Or reasoning so I'm not sure how credible a source he is. And he also says that he has to ultimately conclude that there is a foundational force that brings something (and you can't deny that there is something). He also says that he is just constructing a taxonomy of potential nothings. So all of it is just "possibly". He also talks about physicists definition of nothing isn't actually really nothing, like how I mentioned there would still be particles there to make something out of it. I think it would be impossible for God not to exist. Or some kind of super natural force to start any of it. That explanation still doesn't explain where the energy and "natural forces" that you refer to come from. The laws of nature have to come into existence themselves. I won't say that virtual particles can't lead to other particles being made but virtual particles do exist... so how do they exist. Just saying they come "naturally" isn't an explanation
  • r.mata300@daxvdw Nothing excludes creation ex nihilo.If by “nothing” is meant that there is no physical, mental, platonic or nonphysical entity of any kind, then there can be no God or gods, which means that there cannot be anything outside of nothing from which to create something. This negates the Christian theologian argument that God created the universe ex nihilo, or “out of nothing,” based on the English translation of Genesis 1:1 that “in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” This is misleading. Recent scholarship has suggested that the Hebrew word for “creation” in Genesis 1:1 is bara (ברא)—a verb that more accurately translated means to “separate” or “divide.” Genesis 1:1 should read, “In the beginning Godseparated the heavens and the earth.” Separated from what is not indicated.
  • daxvdw@r.mata300 suggest means to put forth something for consideration, not that that is 100% the translation. So that's hardly evidence that means anything, just another "guess". Nothing physical or natural yes but there can be something super natural in some sort of spiritual realm. If there was a God then he wouldn't be in this universe or even outside the universe but in some place else completely, so there could have been nothing. But sure I understand what your saying about nothing can exist if there was true nothingness but if you say it like that then no I don't believe there was true nothingness. We believe there was "nothing" besides God. Yes god created the universe, he made "nothing" because there was nothing in existence besides him, then he created our universe into existence into something. But science basically just says there was always something there but even scientists believe there had to be some sort of start to it all. But honestly if you don't believe that god created it then you will never find an answer. Unless of course you believe that there was no beginning, but that leads back to there had to be an eternal uncaused first cause.
  • r.mata300@daxvdw the universe has no center and no is abstract.
  • i_am_a_fearless_princessWhine whine whine
  • i_am_a_fearless_princessNobody talks on ig just fight. Christians I know where you're coming from but let them do their thing. That what they want you can't open the eyes God closes.
  • daxvdwSo you think nothing is real? @r.mata300
  • r.mata300@daxvdw. Imagine nothing. Go ahead. What do you see? I picture dark empty space devoid of galaxies, stars and planets. But not only would there be no matter, there would be no space or time either. Not even darkness. And no sentient life to observe the nothingness. Just ... nothing. Picture that. You can't.
  • daxvdw@r.mata300 no I can't, you can't, nobody can. It's impossible to picture true nothingness. I'm not sure how this applies to what we're talking about... but alright, thanks for he convo
  • r.mata300@daxvdw yup✌go long!
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