Just saying! #gaycomicgeek #gaygeek
  • gaycomicgeekJust saying! #gaycomicgeek #gaygeek

  • markiedacouchYou should be getting a dump truck of gifts then
  • truambition99What do you want?
  • sparrowscallwell shit !! (Insert meme about being broke onValentine's day and having to offer anal as a gift)
  • luckfirmesadf#funny #man
  • midnight_toker908Would a bedazzled cock ring suffice? 😉😃😂😂
  • ngtwng801@gaycomicgeek can't say that I have, but I'll give it a spin next time my hands want to get frisky. 😈😉
  • mikeyrollerNo comment ❤😁
  • jezzasmilezi got your valentine's gift riiiiiight here! 😈
  • km415033❤️😜😃
  • pletd0011 gift for every time i masterbated to your picture. I don't think your place is big enough for all the gifts I have to send.
  • the_nerdy_sage@gaycomicgeek way too many gifts. LoL
  • tystxOmg! Lol what about thinking about it does same reply 😅😘😘
  • kingdmoIm willing to send one banana with white chocolate
  • jaiigameonlineWhat do you want the most paul?
  • robertadiliWhere do I send my gift to?.
  • chipdoesstuffYou have a good point! Time to check your Amazon wishlist I suppose :)
  • jimequalsjimOh man! I kind of wish this could work! I'd love to know a list of everyone who's thought about me
  • natures_ivyWell if that's the case..........I guess I'm sending you a huge teddy bear
  • twilitbanditDamn i owe a lot xD
  • alain_en_franceI owe too! Those bulge pics of yours and your ass pics makes me shoot gallons of cum! Because I like Paul's dick. I wanna get fucked by Paul, I wanna suck Paul's dick. I like sucking dick. And I'm good at it too. 😊
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