• aaronshustOver 10 years, a mentor of mine shared about a habit of his to take his three daughters out on a 1-on-1 breakfast once a month. Over the years I've randomly taken my boys to breakfast, usually together, but there's something about 1-on-1 time. Today, with intentionality, we began with my oldest. It was wonderful. #danielnicholasshust

  • ohtsnapThis is a great idea!!
  • constancejane11Families need this . 👍🏻
  • rememberingthehymnsAwesome.
  • jazzyjennessAwesome.
  • blesstgirlThey'll never forget it! I still remember going on a date with my Daddy. I think I was about 15 (you probably weren't born yet) but it was 1977 and we went to the Houston Galleria and saw this new cool movie called Star Wars! That was 40 years ago! 😊❤
  • halabryaWhen we were six my Dad started taking us out on "dates". He worked a lot so this was unforgettable time time alone with him. We are grown now but he still tries to do things one on one when the opportunity presents. I will never forget these times!!!
  • thebleubelleHe reminds me so much of Nick!
  • gretchenb59Nothing like quality time, you are truly Blessed, and you are a Blessing to others through your music 😊
  • text_themessageWhat a handsome young man. I've NEVER regretted taking the time.
  • phoenixdeiWow. That's so precious and meaningful and he is so cute! Adorable
  • the_jonfather@aaronshust Amazing! I'm gonna have to adopt this. Love it
  • panditsuhasGood practise... Sounds like a wonderful way to spend time with them...
  • shilohsgmaMy dad would take my brother and I do to something 1-on-1 once a month. Some of my fondest memories were forged during this time.
  • staceyrapp59Children are a precious gift from God!
  • acaeruttiCouldn't leave that on 666 loves. 😈....😄
  • skalmaan1Daddy dates... :)
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