• coachdebbierunsA week ago I ran a strong 6 miles. Today I was happy to walk a slow 2 with minimal pain. I threw in some plank variations just for the fun of it! Read all about them #ontheblog today! The direct link is in my profile. .
    My knee is definitely getting better and I've had to put it to the test at work this week. In addition to training my clients, I taught a couple classes, and most challenging, stretched 4 people in a row yesterday. If you've ever had #fascialstretchtherapy you know that the therapist does a lot of moving, and must squat, lunge, and raise up on the balls of her feet to facilitate the stretch (and ironically in this instance, protect her own body).
    Anyway, the swelling had gone way down, the pain has lessened dramatically, so I'm hoping to get back running soon. @runutahvalley here I come! Don't forget you can save 15% on your entry for the Utah Valley Marathon with the code CDR15! I'd love for you to join me on June 10 in Provo!

  • marathonsandmotivationWhere to get it done, hope your knees better soon!
  • running_onhappyI'm glad you're moving again!
  • sprint2thetableOy. Feel better soon! Those planks look 👌🏼!
  • fitfulfocusGlad you're feeling better!!
  • solehealthSo glad to hear your knee is getting better!
  • runswithpugsOh, its good to see you are feeling better!
  • juliesparkesGreat job and cute outfit!! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️
  • the_suzlyfePlank it real good! Happy to hear you are feeling better!
  • runningontheflyWell, you're looking bright & colorful #glasshalffull Hope you're feeling better
  • kathleenlissonI'm glad your swelling has gone down
  • tutus_and_tennies2 slow miles is better than no miles!!! 😊
  • runningwithsdAll the plans! Happy you are feeling some what better!
  • ilkasblogHope you keep recovering well Debbie!!! ☀👍✌️
  • wendyistakingthelongwayhomeI love love planks! Glad to see that you're keeping on!
  • katrinajeancarterSo glad you're recovering well!!!
  • deborahbrooks14Glad to hear your knee is doing better!
  • fitwanderlustrunnerGlad your knee is started to feel better
  • mcmmamaIt always frustrates me when a not exactly a running injury messes with my running.
  • missittiebittieSounds like you are making progress!
  • etiennebulidon👍
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