This is a very bittersweet photo, one taken this morning. On one hand, I love it. Me, my baby boy and my beautiful Grandma, his Great Grandma Beth. He loves her and talks about her often, especially after a visit, like the one we made a month ago.  We took her out for lunch and went back to her flat where she lived 99% independently. 
Sadly, this week she has been very unwell and had to spend her 93rd Birthday in hospital. It became clear that we should visit sooner, rather than later, especially if I was hoping for her to be well enough for Bear to be able to visit with her. 
So, we drove down to Bristol, where she settled with family some years ago, despite being a Northerner, through and through. She smiled for the photo but she is so very tired and shockingly frail. 
I hope this isn't the last visit that I have with her 💜
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