On this full moon evening, I set the intention to trust. The universe heard me loud and clear when it drew dear Lord Ganesh with this message attached: It's important at this time to move beyond the limitations of 'it's not meant to be" and focus on 'if this is for my highest good, then the universe will take me there safely." ❤

Safely. This past month the universe has already shown me its safety via the love and guidance of my family, and a few precious souls. To them, and those experiences, I am ever grateful: 👩🏼‍🎤@louisette.leblanc.art - sister/fashionista/artist/activist
🌊@lizdialto - #Emerge #WildSoulMovement mentor
💕@terricole - #RealLoveRevolution guide/mentor
🔮@crystalsbanglesandbeads @silviadesrocher - for this gorgeous #rosequartz and many other energy clearing gifts
📿@kylegrayuk @lilymosesart for this spot on intuitive hit from the #keepersofthelight deck
🌖@the_wild_unknown for this delightful #spiritcloth 
Do the inner work. The Universe is listening.
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