Lighting up the Strip ✨ A big congrats to our Amp in the Wild contest winner @protofett 🙌🏼 #AmpItUp
  • lyftLighting up the Strip ✨ A big congrats to our Amp in the Wild contest winner @protofett 🙌🏼 #AmpItUp

  • marienikole5Lyft also charges your account despite the driver showing to the correct location smh
  • uldouzCheck your DM please
  • yourdrivermikeNice! Waiting for the Amp to release here in Pittsburgh!
  • jackson12199👎🏼
  • jemonjiHey where's my Amp?! Although that was an awesome shot!!
  • spacse_Awesome post! 😆 If you ever need help find a space we are here :)
  • liveloveadoptpetsSuch a great post!
  • igorfuzd🙌 Cool
  • rebecca_ty_ty18@lyft I didn't get my ride to my destination, the driver pulled a gun out on me and told me to get out, can you help me get to my destination I'll give you a good rating.
  • __kree.ahnnaSo I am a driver, I love the business , however I'm renting the car and I'm aware of paying the weekly fee for the rental but I'm not satisfied that I have not yet got any of my money that I made , I tried to cash out and it would not let me, I have went to the headquarters and had a lot of question that were unanswered and they only sent me to lyft and I put my information in there last week hoping I'll get an email, and I even called a customer service number and I'm not getting any response. I'm getting convince this is service is not helping me to their best.
  • becvardsmdb443ue
  • britmae85When do you come to Canada?
  • saraempaul@lyft I would like to explore a business partnership with my company that services over 114 cities between the US, Canada and Mexico. Can you help get me in touch with someone?
  • tyn.loloLAURYN49170
  • zee_zlifeI never got mine or my jacket and I'm 1000 rides in
  • pursy09PRISCILLA356097 for cheaper rides with Lyft it's raining ☔️
  • adame_rodIf you are planning to work for lyft be careful. Read all the guide lines. Im a driver and accepted a ride from Oakland to Las Vegas it was supposed to pay over $700 and lyft only paid me $200 supposedly there is a mileage a d region cap of $200. But it's weired that if that's the case why would it allow passengers set thay destination. I emailed back and forth and they just said sorry we won't pay you
  • jonystudioUnique!
  • badgirlneishaDid you ever get your money back? @Nita__mua
  • vnxxaVANESSA89277
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