• maddiemaephotoHey ya'll I'm Maddie ✌️️ I figured it's a good time to say hi to all of you and introduce myself. Here's 5 thinks about me you may not know:
    1️⃣ I'm newly obsessed with scuba diving and looking for dive buddies. Out of all the epic things I've seen and done, is by far the most incredible. I think everyone should learn how to scuba dive 👌I live in a land-locked state, so seriously, DM me if you want to go diving and we'll just plan a trip and go ✈️🌏 I'm wanting to head to Honduras, Mexico, and Belize to dive asap 👌
    2️⃣ I brew stuff under my sink. Seriously I have about 6 different probiotic cultures growing in jars and fermenting away in my crazy kitchen lab. I have brewed Jun, kombucha, Ginger beer, water kefir, and lacto-fermented lemonade. My favorite concoction at the moment is a grapefruit rosewater white tea kombucha. Come over and try it, it's amazing 👌
    3️⃣ I buy men's shoes and wear the same pair of Frye leather hiking boots almost every day. Once I find something that works, I like to stick to it. It's a true fact that women's shoes and clothing are made on purpose so they fall apart in one season. So I have about 3 pairs of shoes total, but 95% of the time I'm rocking my Frye leather hiking boots. They just work and they've lasted me years. -
    4️⃣ I'm a huge dog person and have never met a dog I didn't fall in love with ❤️❤️❤️🐶🐶🐶. Sorry cat people, we may not get along 😉 I have a really cute dog, and if I meet someone who doesn't immediately want to pet him, I worry we won't get along haha 😂 When I walk down the street and see a dog owner, I usually greet the dog first. I will always be the awkward person who asks to pet your dog and will keep petting them until you make me stop lol ❤️❤️❤️ -
    5️⃣ I love DIY projects and have always been of the opinion that I can do most things myself. I made my own "holdfast"-style camera holster from leather belts and have rigged up a sweet hiking day pack with extra straps and loops to carry two camera bodies on my hip belt while I hike for hiking elopements 📷🏔 I'll post a pic soon--it's pretty rad. -
    I'd love to get to know you and hang out!! DM me and let's be friends 👌😘
    📷 @amberlphotography

  • simkophotographyAwh I love this😍
  • coastalchickieAwesome bio:). I am partial to scuba diving as well, especially since my hubby proposed to me underwater on a dive! Lovely to "meet" you! Great feed!
  • taylormitchellphotographyI totally feel you on the men's boot thing..totally do the same thing!!
  • _pausethemomentLove your photos!! ❤❤
  • heathermasonphotoHey there gorgeous! And you'll love Honduras and Belize. Snorkeling is my favorite thing, and it's some of the best I've ever done.
  • savannahchandlerphotoThe water scares me a little!! 😬. Honduras was awesome, and I bet it's a great place for scuba!! And I am with you on the shoes- I wear mine until they literally fall apart. It happened mid wedding once!!
  • aliandgarrettYou my friend are stunning. Love these fun facts about you. I also love scuba
  • geridezarnphotographyLove your photo!
  • jenskihynskiYou have such a great content here! Love your photos❤ Lovely athmosphere in every single one of them😍 Such a talented photography!
  • nuriagamazophotographyLove your gallery, such a talented, now I need a shooting with my couple by @maddiemaephoto 😉💘
  • stylish.couplebeautiful 💕💕
  • lizosbanWhen we get to explore Trail Ridge together though? 😍
  • marcela.jpgDOG PEOPLE ARE MY PEOPLE. I dated a cat person once. Didn't work out.
  • maddiemaephoto@lizosban can't wait til it opens!!!
  • maddiemaephoto@marcela.jpg Yeah I don't trust cat people! 😂
  • astahoraHi Maddie! So glad to meet you
  • thealexlasotaHeckkk yeah for dog people! Seriously, they are the best ❤❤
  • clanceyLove learning all about you!
  • kaykroshusHaha. You are awesome! Let's be friends! 😆
  • noellejohnsunSuch a cute outfit :)
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