• ladyduskNature Journaling Day! Rock study for #amblesideonline and practicing a watercolor technique from #johnmuirlaws #aomom #appointmentsforaccountability #cmnaturejournaling #keepingcompanycm #naturestudy #scholé #scholeinourhome #behindthescenesatambleside

  • heathertullyphotographylove!!!!
  • vlcjrogers#appointmentsforaccountability is right! We do nature study every other week with another family. Nothing like someone else depending on you to make it happen. 👍🏼
  • ladydusk@vlcjrogers yep - every other week is working for us, too.
  • vlcjrogersDo y'all just do journaling or do you also take nature walks or do object lessons? We do a short object lesson and then a walk. Right now our focus is Astronomy. So we do night time work and journaling in our own families. But I'd love to hear what's working for others. I plan and facilitate our time together. But I'm still learning what works best.
  • ladydusk@vlcjrogers - this was our third meeting, so we're still finding our way. So far, @littledrops5 and I have taken turns hosting and whoever hosts chooses what we do. The first time, I brought down our #naturepalexchange specimens and let the kids choose what they drew and explored. Then, Anna had read something about geometric shapes in nature, so we drew things inspired by that. Today, since the AO Nature Study focus is rocks, we looked at our rock sample boxes from the state. I thought that wasn't quite enough, so we watched part of John Muir Laws on watercolors and tried some of his techniques first. I also used his new book about Nature Journaling (that I got for Christmas) to think about how we draw rocks and see shapes. As the weather improves, I think we both hope to get outdoors and walk/draw/play more. Hope that helps!
  • vlcjrogersIt does, thank you. 😊
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