• valmariepaperIt's those posts I'm most uncomfortable to share that God seems to use the most so I'll just leave this right here. My biggest take away from @ifgathering and 3 privileges I have and am going to start giving away.
    Would love to hear your thoughts! #ifgathering2017

  • elizafaye5Yes, yes, yes!!! Thank you for sharing this @valmariepaper! Being a White woman born in the United States, we are clearly born on third base and are filled with privilege. I was toying with this idea a few months ago, never heard the third base reference until now, but I couldn't seem to get it in the words that others would understand?! Haha so yes, thank you so much for sharing! I am eager to see how I can use my privilege for good! 😊
  • mindyc212Thank you for posting!
  • nataliemetlewisThis is great! Glad you are keeping the conversation going :)
  • alexandra.hartigan💕
  • joieinthejourneyThis rocked me!!!!
  • dianadkerrYes yes yes. Just paused my gym membership for this reason. It felt superfluous and like a luxury I wanted to sacrifice for something better--more time and more money for what matters. I'll still steward my temple, but at home instead. Love you for talking about this Val.
  • theprayerapp🙌
  • whimsyandcompanyThis hit me so hard this morning. OF COURSE God privileged me so that I can do more for him.
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