• janetstoneyogaOm Namo Lakshmi
    x 108
    Jumping 108 times for joy over our new sweatshirts & tanks.
    To me these represent a much needed reminder that we are ENOUGH, we have ENOUGH, we receive ENOUGH, we give ENOUGH, "it" is ENOUGH. It's a daily practice. When we can relax into the infinite grace of all we already have then our resource well seems to grow and from that more can flow IN and more can flow OUT
    Thank you to design fun with @chrisfettin + @connie.engel ... we love to create together
    PRE-ORDER http://bit.ly/lakshmistonewear
    Shipping 2/20

  • snaketangtt👍1⃣ 🤔
  • jetsetting_glennThis is nice :)
  • chrisfettinCame out great!!! ❤
  • tayfrayneLovely ☺
  • wearepalmfreshSmiles =)
  • nanda_beccagliaOh that sweatshirt 😻🙏🏻
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