Contax lens, Leica M camera - happy Hamish!
  • 35mmcblogContax lens, Leica M camera - happy Hamish!

  • theyoungkimosabeDang. Missing my m7 more and more everyday
  • ashieldsphotoWhich CRF internal mount to m adapter is that?
  • jeremydnorthI didn't know it was possible!
  • deafburglarGreat! But what about infinity lock?
  • 35mmcblog@ashieldsphoto a cheap one I think - I've emailed the Amedeo chap about one of his
  • 35mmcblog@deafburglar what about it?
  • john_clereI hope you went to confession after doing this! Haha this is neat though!
  • ashieldsphoto@jeremydnorth There is a guy out of Russia that uses Kievs as donors for inexpensive internal mount adapters with the focusing helicoil. There are also some much more expensive options made from whole cloth. I have a Russian version and it's operable.
  • ashieldsphoto@35mmcblog Thanks, nice site btw. I subscribed and look forward to reading/ seeing more.
  • 35mmcblog@john_clere nothing that isn't reversible ;)
  • 35mmcblog@ashieldsphoto this is a Russian - it seems to back focus a little ... going to experiment a bit with it, but I'm also talking to Amedeo about one of his
  • ashieldsphotoI'm only adapting to e mount for now so I have it pretty easy. 😀 My adapter goes so far past infinity it's crazy. That said, it was cheap and gets the job done.
  • deafburglar@35mmcblog Doesn't the Contax mount lens lock when focused to infinity, like it does on the Contax / Kiev cameras?
  • jefpriceOh man, this is cool!
  • wycamerasThe Cooke and Perkins ones are the best, the other ones I've tried mis focus. Pricey though
  • 35mmcblog@wycameras I'm looking at getting an Amedeo one - he tells me I can return it within 90 days if I don't like it
  • 35mmcblog@wycameras ... unless you have one you can see me? :)
  • wycameras@35mmcblog give it a go :) not at the moment sadly 😿 anything random you're after reviewing ATM? Can see if I have it
  • 35mmcblog@wycameras shhhh I need to clear a backlog of stuff ... Will of course be in touch though! Tangent... Don't suppose you're going to the photography show...?
  • louregroupMan, this post has me all hawt and bawthered! STAHP it!
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