• jencomasI had never ridden a motorcycle, or even so much as thrown my leg over one when I bought my first bike two years ago.

    My brother had to ride it home for me, and then he spent the next week patiently teaching me how to ride it in a school parking lot while he and my dad cheered me on.
    That week taught me one of the biggest lessons I've learned: that courage can be cultivated.
    Getting a motorbike and learning to ride meant *choosing* courage (and vulnerability!), and that decision is one that has carried over into every other aspect of my life.
    The more we lean into courage, the more accessible it becomes.
    And to be clear, choosing to #CultivateCourage isn't about getting over your fear. I get scared all of the time. Instead, it's about working to change your perspective of fear, and deciding to see it as a thrill, which feels so much better!
    Thrill > fear.
    Venturing out of our comfort zones is scary AF, but when we opt for courage and unfamiliarity over the status quo, we do so in exchange for new experiences and subsequently, tremendous growth.
    #CultivateCourage ...for the thrill of it ;)

    PC: @nostalgia_memoir #embraceyes

  • jyusuf1022I did the exact same thing! But i still haven't taken it on the highways yet, too many idiots with cell phones on the road. How did you overcome that fear?
  • ecin3343There is no other freedom like riding. I learned to ride at 24. At 47 it's still brings me the same thrill and happiness.
  • phnx_rcRiding a motorcycle is the closest thing to true freedom one can feel. The fear is immediately overcome by a feeling of euphoria right up until bone snaps - but still you come back for more.
  • mexicanmccoyJust bought my first MX bike without ever riding one last week!
  • tokyovenus@surftherock we already are! I've been following this babe for a while now 😚😘
  • surftherockHaha I think I might have told you about her page before @tokyovenus and I just now remembered it 😂
  • reflexionhairextensionsThis is everything. EVERYTHING 😘
  • raymonditoBAM!!!😍🏍
  • jencomas@aj_mac3 Dirt bike, street bike, and two mountain bikes (one trail, and one DH) :)
  • jencomas@surftherock Ohhh, I've been a fan of @tokyovenus for a lonnnng time 😍😍
  • jencomas@jyusuf1022 I was *just* talking about that exact concern tonight! It's hard. Personally, I prefer canyon riding. But I say get in a ton of practice riding on less crowded streets to build riding skills. Being a skilled rider is the only think you can control. Excited for you!!!
  • jencomas@ecin3343 That's so awesome that you ride! ❤
  • jencomas@phnx_rc I agree! (But hope to avoid the bone snapping 😉)
  • jencomas@mexicanmccoy You DID?!! And a Suzuki, I see!! Ahhhh! So excited for you! Dirt is my absolute, nothing-else-compares, favorite thing ever. I hope you love it!!
  • 6am_on_a_saturday😍💓
  • stacysemborskiHell yeah!! 🙆🙆💕💕
  • jencomas@stacysemborski We gotta ride together this year! 👯😘
  • stacysemborski@jencomas yes please! 🖐🖑💕
  • sunshinegigglescupcakesGirl, stop tempting me!!!
  • harrisoneurosportsYessss! 👍🏼😍
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