• thelearnerobserverThere's a definite shift happening. I can feel it. Heck, I can hear it. My babies are becoming toddlers and their mighty personalities are coming out in unexpectedly loud ways.
    I should preface this post by saying that I love these boys more than anything. They bring me more joy than anything else ever has.
    That doesn't change the fact that today I thought, "Man, having one baby really would be so much easier." Because it would!! I have huge respect for all mothers, l really do. But until you have two toddlers running away from in opposite directions, you probably don't understand my life. Mothering is hard, no matter what. And mothering one baby would still be hard, but you guys...two at the same time feels darn near impossible some days. Like today. I changed 3 diapers in 15 minutes, I had food spat at me, babies crying for nearly 2 hours of my morning, I've said the word "no" and pulled a child away from something more times than I could count, oh and the bag in the diaper pail broke, so I had to pick up each dirty diaper one by one to put them into a new bag. Do you know what happens to about 40 dirty diapers after a few days of sitting in an airtight container? You don't want to.
    Still, when I left their room before they (hopefully) nap, I smiled big and told them I loved them and they smiled and giggled back at me. And suddenly having twins didn't seem so hard.
    Except that it is!!! It's hard, ok? Don't you forget that!
    Just kidding.
    And that's my honest motherhood moment of the day. Tomorrow we leave for a marriage retreat and I know I'll miss these boys like crazy as soon as we drive away from them. Motherhood is complicated, isn't it?! #momlifeisthebestlife #nobodysaiditwaseasy #kidsbecrazy

  • thelearnerobserver@brooklynberrydesigns I'll tell my husband you said that hahaha
  • thelearnerobserver@sunsetseeker444 thank goodness she had a lovely mom like you to babysit! And how amazing is your mom?!? Officially my hero! Thanks so much for your sweet words of encouragement. They truly make all the difference on the hard days!
  • sharpchristieHahahahaha! My nephew peed in my tea then on my sister's face then on her phone...in the 5 seconds it took her to drop a face cloth on his wobbly bits while changing his diaper.
  • vinyetetc@thelearnerobserver nope, for sure.. That's just my twisted Mommy brain. 💟
  • thelearnerobserver@sharpchristie I swear they can perform magic tricks!!! That actually almost sounds impressive 😂
  • thelearnerobserver@vinyetetc Haha it makes me glad that I'm not the only one with a twisted mommy brain though!!! Oh the things that cross our minds.... 🙄
  • lesleymetcalfeI love and appreciate your honesty 💞
  • marquismurray_@brooklynberrydesigns no thank you. 😝
  • thecreatedhomeI hear ya! Mine are 2 and 3 and are only 14 months apart. I love it, but what is this thing with pooping at the exact same time?!?! They are diaper trained, but now they just take up both bathrooms and simultaneously yell for me to wipe them. 😄
  • thelearnerobserver@lesleymetcalfe thanks, Lesley!!! ♥️
  • thelearnerobserver@thecreatedhome hahahaha that's too funny! I never thought about that - probably because we're nowhere close to potty training, but now I feel like I've seen into my future 😂
  • constance1037All 3 of my kids were 7yrs apart, so when I tell you be thankful that you have twins.........be thankful you have twins. Have fun on your marriage getaway, please!!! You definitely deserve it.
  • sixtyfifthavenueI promise it will be a dream when they are bigger and they play together. We have one and I can't even tell you how many hours of trains, cars, and barbies we have played. I wouldn't trade that time spent but sometimes the guilt of not "playing" was terrible.
  • l.e.o.brandWell written. It's honest and I to have the same thoughts about my twins. Even "no"-ing to them as i read it. :)
  • thelearnerobserver@constance1037 thanks so much! ♥️
  • thelearnerobserver@sixtyfifthavenue I dream of the day when they'll play together and not bite each other. Right now I have to pull them off of one another constantly because of the biting. 🙄
  • thelearnerobserver@l.e.o.brand it never ends, huh?! 😂
  • housebythebayI can't even imagine - you're amazing 😘
  • lazymomsFor me you're a superwoman!! 👏👏👏
  • coze_linen😍. Impressive love this one. Looking forward to seeing more! 😊
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