I think it's time that Hello Monday gets a little refresh. Since re-launching in 2015, this business has been constantly evolving as I learn and grow. The look and feel of Hello Monday will remain the same, but the products & services will be simplified and organized better. One major thing that will be changing will be the removal of branding & website design, so that I can focus on what I love to do most, paint! This feeling has been so hard to swallow because I'm still paying back the outrageous student loan debt that I accrued for my design degree but it feels right to let it go. So that's my goal for the next couple of months, a little brand/website refresh with some new products that will be intentional and full of joy. I'd love to get your feedback about my artwork so that I can incorporate your thoughts & ideas into my new site. What pieces of work do you enjoy most? Quotes/Lettering? Seascapes? Watercolors? Any feedback would be appreciated. 💕💗💕#hellomondaydesign
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