• carrotquinnHey all- the piece I wrote about doing water drops and recovering human remains in the desert along the US/Mexico border is out in the Guardian today- you can find it by googling 'carrot quinn guardian'. If you're looking for a way to help after reading the piece, there's a link to a fundraiser for No More Deaths in my profile above👆. I feel that groups doing work around the US/Mexico border will need extra protection and support in the coming months- so even if you can't donate, please share the fundraiser, as sharing helps just as much as donating. And thank you! ✨✨✨(The pic is of volunteers Madeline and Alycia, near the Devil's hwy)

  • colleensiviterXo
  • na_diagramSuch a powerful fucking piece. You're a part of something amazing.
  • rem_hikesExcellent! Should be in US media too.
  • allthatsshinyNice article Carrot. Thanks to you and your kick ass team ❤
  • dampoet💪🏼❤
  • sweetwilderPowerful article. Life changing.
  • corinneteedThe writing is powerful! Thanks for writing it and all the work you all are doing down there
  • carrotquinn@corinneteed thx Corinne, and I hope you're well!! ❤
  • mandy_n_cRead your article in The Guardian. 👍🏼😞👏🏼 #allthefeels
  • dogsdontpurrYour piece in the Guardian brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for the work that you do and for writing so eloquently on such an important topic.
  • rahawahaileYesssss! Can't wait!
  • dddragonsssReally enjoyed that article! Thanks for writing
  • dnuttzzExcellent piece. Vivid. Heartbreaking. Keep kicking ass
  • jbebezaftigAs a frontera güera, I feel this.
  • francescoricci_photography😃
  • lizziewriterThank you for that Guardian article! Great work. I've been following NMD for some years, and contributing when I can. Thank you for all you do!!
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