• mommaparrottOh man. 👀Where it all started just 4 yrs ago! If it weren't for Katie reaching out to me, I'm not sure what I'd be doing! Not long after this I joined the #shakleeblogger program! I was able to not only lose all the baby weight after the twins but I ended up finding a new passion of health & wellness and building a business of my own! 👈Crazy to think what has come over the last four years....
    🍃Healthier family (no more sinus infections or allergies or IBS!)
    🚙Free Car (1 yr down and 5 more to go!)
    🌴✈️Two free trips (two more coming in 2017!)
    💞🙏And the friendships that have been build through prayer and devotion to the Lord!
    I would have never in a million years guessed I'd be here today. Like for real- NEVER! 😍But God always has a plan!
    #healthiswealth #shakleeforlife #lovelypursuit #momlife #shakleemom #freecar #freetrip #workfromhome

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