• ashleygearingmusicFor my #tbt I want to go back to a special day off I had when I was in #ParkCity for #SundanceFilmFestival • I found out about an amazing program at the National Ability Center in #Utah that works with veterans & families suffering from PTSD. I was so moved by some of the stories of work being done & wanted to go share a little music & express my gratitude to our service men & women as well as their loved ones going through this tough transition... It was emotional meeting these heroic people. We often forget about how war can so greatly affect our heroes & their families. I felt like the least I could do was sing a couple of happy songs about sunshine & get their minds onto something different for a while. One of them gave me a HUUGE honor by "coining" me (a military tradition expressing gratitude). I was shocked. It made my ❤️so full. ••••Amidst all this political drama...I think of these beautiful souls & the many like them throughout this country. Yes, we may not all agree on ideas & policies... & we all get caught up in our own hurdles to jump over every day... but it is so eye opening to be in front of these true patriots fighting hard unselfish battles for our safety- asking for nothing in return. A little bit of love & kindness can tie together broken pieces in our world. This is just a friendly reminder that it's our responsibility as humans & Americans to spread the love round 😊& I promise the more you do the more the love & kindness will multiply in your life. ❤️ #ProudToBeAnAmerican

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