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  • animalsasiaTAKE ACTION: We need your help. This has truly shocked us. We have long campaigned against animal performance. This is something worse still. In Indonesia there are travelling circuses that locks dolphins into a coffin-like box and transports them by plane, again and again ahead of each sickening performance.

    To stop the circuses, first we must stop the airline involved. Join us today in asking Sriwijaya Air to stop these flights and help end this cruelty. Sign the petition now and ask everyone you know to do the same: www.animalsasia.org/dolphinsonaplane

    YOU can shine a spotlight on this cruelty. Together we can end it.

    These dolphins’ live much-shortened lives filled with fear when they should be free. You can help free them.

    Thank you. #AnimalsAsia #sriwijayaair #animalcruelty

  • tracyelizabethfilesSigned
  • honeybears286Appalling abuse of innocent and defenceless creatures. Signed and shared!
  • nerimortisiafucking asshole humans
  • kerryberry144This is shocking. It's 2017.. surely we should have got past using and abusing animals like this by now 😰
  • jwalters57So awful
  • sarazannThis is so wrong. That dolphin is calling out in distress. We need to put pressure on this stupid circus and help all the animals suffering this - what a horrible existence. The more people spread the word and sign petitions the more me can help rid this archaic practice. Disgusting. God help those poor sweet animals 😔🙏🏽
  • thecrystalstudiosHeartbreaking. Such terrible cruelty. X.
  • giusi59When people are going to understand the evil that is involved in any animal performance? It is very discouraging and extremely sad to witness this despicable acts of inhuman behavior 😡😡😡
  • jueymulAnother cruel country like Japan and China etc etc! This is sickening!
  • lopeordemi_Poor dolphins😭😭😭 i will sign right now
  • marydlt79😡😡😡
  • katie_brindleThis is TERRIBLE!!!! Signing and forwarding xxx
  • gailyleOMG - what next! Unbelievably awful! 😪
  • fatfox23This abuse stop it u losers
  • aslanskates😓😓😓😡😡😡😡
  • pawnskarelly😢
  • thevetsociety🐶 🐱 🐮 🐰
  • lorrainethistlethwaiteWhere is the petition
  • medicusmayThis is absolutely horrible! My heart is broken. So wrong....
  • supa.saiya_jin_😢😢😢😢
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