• rhizaoyosDavid's been taking photographs of Dawn and Rain quite a lot lately, ever since we bought a handy dandy #fujifilmx70 for his birthday last December. It's amazing how a simple tool (a small mirrorless camera one can carry around while chasing toddlers) can renew someone's passion for photography and memory keeping. This, and watching the girls grow beautifully each day, inspired us to start a family photo project: One photo (session) a week, every week this 2017. By the end of the year, we would have 52 (sets of) portraits of the twins.
    The days are flying by too fast and we thought we can at least try to preserve these fleeting moments--after all, these are the days we'll always look back to for sure. That said, it seems that we're taking way too many photos of the girls (haha) enough to start a new IG account! If you don't mind seeing Dawn and Rain's faces on your feed all the time (you were warned!!) head on over to 👉🏻 @dawnandrain 👈🏻 and follow our little journey. See you on the other side! #lifewithtwins #fujifilmphlifestyle #thedawnandrainshow

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