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    Part 2 of "What do you feel will be the overall social and cultural happenings in 2017 that will influence and inspire art and design images next year?" Our very own Jehane Boden Spiers was asked to write for the February issue of trade magazine Progressive Greetings "....it's always valuable to take a moment to step back from our busy lives of images and information, to find a moment to be more reflective. Art buyers and curators love an anniversary so prepare for a Rodin rush in 2017! Auguste Rodin, considered a father of modernity for revolutionary pieces such as "The Thinker" and "The Kiss". His genius will be celebrated at Paris' Grand Palais and the art gallery of South Australia. Fine art images will continue to flourish whilst our questioning around the modern pursuit for happiness will see a rise in the trend for magical, alternative, and edgy images. Objet d'art is one of the biggest emerging trends for 2017; It's an extension of the vintage and memorabilia themes with a highly contemporary twist. Offering a view through the keyhole into magical worlds. Imagine a kaleidoscope of butterflies or a treasured, threadbare toy mouse set on top of a cotton reel; even taxidermy will feature. Igniting our imagination and interest in the unexpected, combining craft with something slightly offbeat but highly fashionable" 🌸🌿🗝🌱artwork by Joy Laforme @joy_laforme#trends2017 #joylaforme#jehanebodenspiers#progressivegreetings #yellowhouse

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