A few years ago on a first date with my now ex, the waiter gave the option of a fruity dessert or something topped with toasted marshmallow. It took one wide eyed look from me for the order to be made. I didn't have to peep a syllable. My love for mallows has always been strong and the man was wise to order the toasted mallow topped dessert. AKA a direct road to my ❤️. I'm surprised it took me this long to whip up a boozy version (much inspired by @gastronomblog's recent boozy mallow adventures). I decided on a red wine marshmallow because  I had fairy tale dreams of how good it would taste in hot chocolate. They turned out to be better than prince charming and did not disappoint. And in case you've never tried to make your own mallows, it's pretty easy if you have a @kitchenaid standing mixer. I do not, so I stand there for 15 minutes with my electric hand mixer. My favorite version of arm day 💪🏻. But I 💕 you all and good content so I did my thing. Enough rambling, this recipe is on the blog -> www.mixplorology.com (or you can just click the link in the bio for an easy as mallows way to get the recipe 🍷🍫
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