• drjolenebrightenMe 3 months ago to a patient: Yes, I know your doctor said that there is nothing that can be done about your autoimmune disease...let's show him just how wrong he is.
    Today: Her doctor can't tell her what happened to her antibodies or why she is feeling so much better. His conclusion - she must not have had autoimmune disease in the first place. Never mind all those labs and diagnosis codes showing otherwise for the last 8 years.
    LOVE MY JOB! 💕 Every day I help people heal from the "incurable" diseases.
    If your doctor has told you nothing can be done - find a doctor who is willing to dig deeper and investigate the root of your issues.
    It's time more doctors put the power to heal in the hands of their patients.
    You have the ability to heal yourself! I teach people how to do this every day!
    PC: @thefeistykitchen

  • drjolenebrighten@gurlgonegreen you're amazing too!
  • drjolenebrighten@jeffandlesli in many patients you can stop the progression of Autoimmune disease. I've treated many patients with scleroderma (both localized and diffuse) that have had their symptoms improve. Once tissue changes take place they are very hard to reverse, which is why you want to catch it early. But if in cases where connective tissues has already been paid down in the kidneys and other tissues we work to prevent more tissue changes and support the organs affected.
  • drjolenebrighten@agriffee I think the response is a testament to how they are trained. They arent taught that Autoimmune disease can be reversed and that the body is actually really good at healing itself when supported properly.
  • michizzleI'm surprised the doctor didn't tell her it was just all in her head and prescribe her Xanax 😒
  • drjolenebrighten@michizzle that happens WAY too often in women's health. It's my mission to give women's medicine the respect it deserves and to empower patients to find doctor who respect their story.
  • drdestagoldenMoral of the story: there's always hope! 🌿💚🙌🏻
  • jcherryfryHow do you find the right doctor in your area? I've tried and tried without any luck. Always a prescription to cover symptoms.
  • bpalushaj@kmcashin
  • drjolenebrighten@jcherryfry give my office a call! www.drbrighten.com/workwithme
  • fuckyeahpaleoYes!! Thank you!! My diagnosis after months of Ctscans, ENT appointments and general dr visits " You're just the kind of person who will have headaches for your entire life here are some strong pain killers to deal with how bad your headaches are" 10 years later at a random check up with a new dr I chose on a whim who I learned at the appointment had an osteopathic background "Hey I can give you even stronger medicine or why don't you try cutting out gluten for 6 weeks and see how you feel" MAGIC!!! Then a few years later when I was just dead exhausted for months at a time, other Dr's " we don't know what's wrong with you we see nothing just sleep more". Finally found an integrative medicine dr. Ran 32 different tests during a blood test and discovered I had EXTREME deficiency in almost every single vitamin level and leaky gut with minor adrenal fatigue. I've since moved and need to find a good dr which is hard here, but I know it is worth it. Thank you Dr Jolene and other dr's like you for everything you do !!
  • sandsssmarieWe need more doctors like you! 💗 Now a days they just want you to pop a pill... 🙄😒 @drjolenebrighten
  • drjolenebrighten@drdestagolden ❤hope❤
  • drjolenebrighten@jcherryfry give my office a call or email and let us know where you live.
  • drjolenebrighten@jcherryfry also, grab my free meal plan and recipe guide. See the link in my profile.
  • drjolenebrighten@fuckyeahpaleo thank you for sharing your story. I've seen a lot of people's headaches resolve with eliminating gluten and am glad you found your trigger. Keep advocating for your health!
  • drjolenebrighten@sandsssmarie thank you for saying that. Yes, the "pill for every ill" model is not a root cause approach.
  • lamar_prince😃
  • fitgrahammitchell💪
  • agriffeeYes it is upsetting to me that traditional doctors are not taught this information. I mts upsetting that the pharma industry has such a big influence in traditional doctors med school and career.
  • drjolenebrighten@agriffee yes, pharmafeuticial companies should not be allowed to influence medical school education or CME.
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