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  • marklee3dMy Life as a Complete Idiot, Episode 2: How Not to Kill a Bug on the Ceiling

  • garycstuckeyHahaha
  • jazzyjennessBeen there done that. 😉
  • jabobwardDude, I thought I showed you how to do that with bees!
  • debkperlongoLol
  • agrigson😂😂
  • pete_hixsonThe. Best!
  • jesslinjonesI see a reality show in the making here with you and Steph! 😄
  • elisabeth_munfordI hope you cleaned that up! 😂
  • corrine50It's easy. You suck it up with the vacuum cleaner hose. Let it spin around for a bit until it's too dizzy to sting you. Then empty the vacuum outside in the trash can. Then run, in case it's come to its senses by now and wants revenge. This is how I get rid of wasps in the kitchen. 😎
  • text_themessageNever.... NEVER ever vacuum a stink bug...
  • kinman42Choot'em!!
  • thekarenhakeVacuum or flyswatter, dude. 😂 On another note, Love that light fixture! @marklee3d
  • thekarenhake@text_themessage my daughter has those at her house so I'll give her a heads-up on that! 😂
  • smindakStephanie's commentary makes these truly awesome!
  • marlarhouseUse an old toothbrush
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