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  • tesshollidayToday something amazing happened & I got to share it with these amazing women 💘 Yes for body diversity. Yes to walking through Union Station in just your bra & jeans. Yes to us embracing our bodies at all stages 👏🏿👏🏾👏🏽👏🏼👏🏻 (more coming soon) @penningtons #iwontcompromise #effyourbeautystandards

  • pinkpaledusky@blee11.11
  • sonypauEww
  • jennifernowackiThis whole fat acceptance thing makes me scratch my head. And I'm not trying to be mean
  • mimiprinLove this
  • lydius_maximus3Could have met Tess holiday in the subway?! 😭😭😭so upset I didn't know about this
  • kasey_cooksKinda a weird question, but does anyone know what bras they are wearing?? They look super comfortable!! @tessholliday
  • simonsaez69Damn... I shoulda skipped work and came down there.... 😍😏
  • k.passatore👏👏👏👏
  • assparlor@jessicajolagh
  • in.1231🐷
  • zahrah.rai@ttaannvvii
  • cb0433In addition, there are only plus women as this is a #penningtons campaign and as someone stated before thin women are the main eye of media. Furthermore, most if not all of these woman have been in other campaigns or photo shoots with women of all sizes. #stopthehate #bodypositive #tessholliday @tessholliday
  • cb0433Please see past the rant of continuious typos!
  • betrue2loveandlifeI love the representation you all of these beautiful women💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘
  • kittayssBut this doesn't seem very diverse. What about small and skinny girls... like there is so much skinny shamming now a days...
  • ittybootydreaWhat about skinny girls
  • ittybootydreaAll i see are a bunch of wales
  • terrastronenotice how they're all wearing high wasted pants to hide their guts
  • sweatingtoliveYasssss😍😍😍
  • depressed_nignogWhy do you focus only and mainly on overweight women? Isn't feminism about gender equality?! Where are the overweight men? Or are you thinking that overweight men don't get judged and fat shamed? Also, where are the underweight women and men? They get a lot of hate for being skinny as well. I don't see the "diversity" here. If you had men and and women of all sizes and shapes, that I would see as "diverse". This is sad.
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