• edibleashMy first food-ish photo in 2017! Thanks to @ohladycakes for supplying the treats + adorable baby goodies. We had such a nice visit yesterday while LeniLu napped in Ashlae's arms. And those bars you see in the photo are 👍🏼💕🎉🤗 and will be on her blog very soon! Also, thank you all (so very much) for the sweet comments and love since our baby arrived. We are just eating her up and enjoying this new little life. 💕💕

  • alexoverhiserLove!
  • ohladycakesHugs to you and LeniLu. ✨
  • ohladycakesAnd Chris! 👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼 Chris!
  • yesiwantcakeThose tights!!! ❤
  • thejunglebody👊
  • katie_clovaThose tights!!! All the congratulations to you!
  • mineminekidsSuper sweet!
  • countrycleaverSo wonderful!! And all the best for Lenilu!!
  • honeyandlimecoLove it!
  • lexyokeefeSo lovely 💖
  • masson.ge
  • wholegreens👌
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