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    When you're looking to build up a strong back, it's important to make sure all your assisting muscles get developed too. Endless narrow grip seated rows might develop strong lats, but what about your traps, scapula, posterior deltoids and lateral deltoids?
    In this warm up, I'm targeting all of those muscles. First off activating my scapula and mid traps. Arms locked out I seek to engage my scapula by drawing them down and to the centre of my back. This also helps engage mid traps. The second phase of this Giant Set is the TRX face pull. This engages my posterior deltoid. Draw your elbows out wide, and maintain shoulder level. Next up is TRX reverse flys. I find this a great exercise to hit the lateral deltoid. A small muscle that won't take much to fatigue. Imagine pulling a pair of curtains apart, diagonally up and away from the body. Final movement is the TRX row. With a horizontal pull position you should be able to feel all muscles engage, with a large percentage of the lift down to use of the biceps too.
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