In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. ~ Alice Walker⠀
The Coast was (& still is!) blanketed with fog this morning. Normally I head to the beach but something called me to Kremer's Landing today - even after I had turned into Beach Boulevard. I find beauty in the things that are decaying. There is a sense of absolute perfection in the idea that Mother Nature will reclaim what is hers. We can build and fortify and beat back the rising tides, but in the end, she wins. ⠀
Yesterday we were blessed to not be in the paths of the sever storms that touched down in Louisiana, and today through the fog, I am grateful for the signs of hope amidst the darkness. The small green things that continue to grow and thrive, the webs that persist through the storms. The world continues to turn and Mother Nature continues to do her thing.
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