This is for real my cabinet at home. I kinda love peanut butter. #peanutbutter #jif
  • macpowellThis is for real my cabinet at home. I kinda love peanut butter. #peanutbutter #jif

  • thet5guyJif is the best.
  • wicks90You should look at for a huge variety of nut butters. They also have an amazing story about their unique name.
  • vaughniejeana@macpowell have you tried Peter Pan's whipped variety?
  • maryannmaloyWhipped peanut butter on whole grain blueberry waffle every morning before I run.....yummy!👍🏻
  • thingamabobs4uNatural Jif is the best
  • mwthorntonI, too, was once a Jif lover, UNTIL I tried making my own fresh pb😱😳 If you ever make and try your own pb-your cabinet will no longer look like this-for real!!!
  • mcorsi222Jif...yes, but what the heck is powdered peanut butter???!!! 😳 Is that even legal?
  • thelusirYou're so nutty!
  • peggysuelott1969You would get along well with my 5 year old son. He straight up eats peanut butter with a spoon for a snack.
  • emrdenvercity@macpowell check out these skippy PB bites.
  • hiltsalaskaPowdered?!
  • jgrindstaff82@macpowell #peterpan 😉
  • squizzfanYou should try the WHITE CHOCOLATE peanut butter - amazing!!
  • cherylharold18Love it too! 👍🏻
  • dbarker55Isn't it one of the major food groups?
  • camillasandersmusicMy favorite, along with some high falutin Barneys almond butter. Kids aren't allowed to touch it. MINE!!! Step BACK!!!! Lol
  • rachitwoodIf I was stranded on an island ... I would have to have my peanut butter !!!!
  • lynnpageJiff peanut butter is the best stuff ever...especially the natural with honey!!!! 😋
  • rogerkasheboroI'm a Peter Pan man myself.
  • marlarhousePowdered peanut butter? That's a thing? Reminds me of powdered eggs when I was in Scouts. I'm guessing the PB is just as tasty.
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