• ssoreano#amyshealthybaking I used white wheat flour this time. They are lighter than with red wheat but still delicious
  • amyshealthybakingYour muffins look absolutely perfect!! I'm so glad you loved them! 💛
  • ssoreano@amyshealthybaking these came out different, still delicious. Btw I've given your website to several people 😋
  • amyshealthybakingAwww really???? You're so sweet to do that!! I'm truly touched -- thank you SO much!! 😘💛💛
  • amyshealthybakingI couldn't resist featuring you in another Sunday Spotlight post on my blog today! ♡ I'm so honored by how many of my recipes you've been trying and pictures you've been sharing! ♡♡
  • ssoreanoThank you! I'm getting ready to make another batch. Two for breakfast daily with fruit! I'm going to try more this week. I've lost 20# with 20 to go! Your site is a tremendous help😁😁😁😁😋
  • ssoreano@amyshealthybaking you are providing a service to myself and my family! Everyone needs your recipes!
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