• gregoryabbottmusicGreat meeting you all tonight. Really moving performance @Stanford Bing Center for the performing arts of The Black Arm Band on tour from Australia and New Zealand.

  • tracy38oWow is that you "G" that some outstanding move's you got there🎋🎋🎸🎋🎼🐾🎤🎋🎸🎋🎸🎤🎶🎋
  • tjupurru_officialPleasure to meet you & Drew my brother, I look forward to hopefully catch up again in Berkeley! Thanks for supporting us tonight! Tjupurru
  • gregoryabbottmusic@tracy38o nope. it's the black arm band from down under...
  • tbjungaji80Nice to meet you guys my bro, you got mad respects down under, so you welcome in our community anytime ✊🏾
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