• megannielsenpatternsEpic cutting session done 💪✂️ // on my table are a marble neoprene Axel skirt and Briar crop and a pale pink rashie so I don't have to put sunscreen on at the beach ever again // side note: my mom is probably giggling hysterically given I refused to wear a rashie for two decades because I didn't want to look like a dork- and here I am all, all grown up and terrified of skin cancer 😂😂😂 #MNbriar #MNaxel

  • artworkerprojectsLove that marble ponte, where'd you score that?
  • juliacreateThe marble ponte is amazing...where is that from? Can't wait to see both finished!
  • justsewit_tk@megannielsenpatterns Take heart! You still need to apply it to your face, hands and legs😂. Don't be terrified of skin cancer, you are in perfect health because you wear a rashie and sunscreen😄
  • lauracallinghamI totally get the rashie...I'm the one hiding under the umbrella with a giant hat and sunglasses! What pattern did you use for the rashie @megannielsenpatterns
  • megannielsenpatterns@artworkerprojects @juliacreate it's from @moodfabrics ! I'm really happy with it, even lovelier in person ☺️
  • megannielsenpatterns@justsewit_tk 😂😂😂😩
  • justsewit_tk@lauracallingham you can use Megan's Briar pattern to make one. I would not do the Hilo hem though, strictly non fashion reasons mind - as I am the one covered from head to toe! If you use really stretchy knit, I would suggest going down a size to accommodate the stretch but then I'm sure Megan will jump in and tell you more about how she does it.
  • partshadefullsunI have been wearing a long sleeved rashie for a couple of years now cos we are at the beach so much and it keeps me a bit warmer in the water!
  • jessicalorraine01Oh the axel and briar are going to look amazing 😍
  • passionandpinsA neoprene Axel... I'm going to have to give that a go!
  • veuve_steph@megannielsenpatterns what fabric do you use for the rashie? What a great idea to make your own!
  • megannielsenpatterns@veuve_steph I just used a swimwear Lycra as i had it in stash ☺️
  • megannielsenpatterns@lauracallingham something I can't show you yet 😉 but @justsewit_tk is right you could use Briar and size down, raise the neckline and straighten the hem 👌😘
  • lauracallingham@megannielsenpatterns I look forward to seeing what you come up with!!
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