• eleanorgatestuartExploring the world of Orchids through Art at the Orchid Research and Development Centre (ORDC) Mazoo a mythological science-art spaceship laboratory travelling the galaxy (in this case the internet) on its journey, sharing knowledge of the wonderful Orchid plant species. Dr Eleanor Gates-Stuart (Professor Techno Arts) and the Orchid Team: Kai-Hsing Hung (Jimmy), Hsiang-Hsi Lu, Hsing-Cheng Chen (Rider), Jiun-Kai Huang, Yin-Shou Chen (Jessica), Wei-yu Lu, Xin-Hung Lin (Ace) collaborated with ORDC and Professor Hong-Hwa (Director ORDC) in communicating the research of Orchids. [ 46 more words ]
    see all the pages here: Blog post https://eleanorgatestuart.com/2017/02/08/mazoo/

    NCKU Techno Art 國立成功大學 科技藝術碩士學位學程​ TechnoART@NCKU​ Eleanor Gates-Stuart​ #Orchids 國立成功大學 National Cheng Kung University #orchids #orchid #scienceart #art #artscience

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