• therunnersplate5️⃣ lunch-time miles while pushing the stroller, and it ended with no hip pain! 🙌🏻🎉 I have made a lot of progress in the last few months, but I'm still not 100%. Most runs end with some achiness, so I definitely appreciate the ones that are pain-free! #hipinjury #northpolerunclub

  • kristy.baumannYou have white hair 😯
  • hjselchDo you have a jogging stroller review?
  • therunnersplate@hjselch My jogging stroller is so old they don't make it anymore. 😂 If I had all the money in the word, I would buy a Thule Chariot stroller.
  • mrs.otis@therunnersplate eBay! I got mine at reí but I see them on eBay all the time
  • hjselchThx 😘
  • jenrankino@therunnersplate is there a jogging stroller you recommend that's not too expensive? I'm fine searching for a used one just don't know where to start! Thanks 😊
  • therunnersplate@jenrankino Mine is the 10K Ultimate by In Step. It was $50 used, and since I don't know any better, I think it is just fine. 😜 I would start by looking at Craigslist, Facebook baby pages, or baby consignment stores. Just make sure it has 3 wheels, and the wheels are pretty decently sized. Hope that helps. 😊
  • jenrankino@therunnersplate thanks Michelle! ❤
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