Original illustrations will also be going up for sale soon :)
  • octoplumOriginal illustrations will also be going up for sale soon :)

  • like_a_majestic_pugOmgggggg
  • wea.babeI love especially top left
  • jennaywillBeautifully real!!! I can honestly say i love seeing you on my feed
  • adamo_alessiaI want the black bald lady, she's so gorgeoussss. How much the drawings approxumately cost? I would really love to buy one, but i don't know if I can afford them:(
  • fascinedBottom right!
  • octoplum@adamo_alessia tis actually supposed to be a man but that's ok hehe. They are £55- £60 at.
  • adamo_alessiaOh god, I tought it was a woman! Now that you told me I see, I think it's even more interesting that we see two different genders hahah
  • ersimcoxDo you have any idea what time you'll upload everything??? Thx!
  • milevskajboobottom right corner, she has the same type of boobs as me lol. truly amazing works of art. ❤
  • dracuriaThe bottom right one is amazing! They all are, but she's my fav! Keep up the awesome work! ✌️️
  • dracuriaI meant bottom left! 😱😳 I need to get some sleep!
  • t.falascaSo excited!!!
  • cassidewearYOU ARE WONDERFUL💘
  • _yung_gma_SO LUCIOUS. 💛❤️😍😍😍❤️💛
  • eighteyedlegsWill there be prints too? My dear trans friend absolutely adores the dude on the right so i wanna get it for him :)
  • octoplum@eighteyedlegs yep I will get prints of them, but you can get prints of it now on my redbubble shop too :)
  • beau_leaux_I love the top right picture! 😍
  • beau_leaux_I meant too left sorry. Dang dyslexia lol
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