Women carry some unique advantages in our sport. From their natural flexibility to stronger mind-body connection, its no surprise women often find themselves excelling in this sport!

Repost @bobbyckim - "This FII Level 2 was shaping up to be an all-female class until the two dudes crashed the party. Luckily they were cool guys and excellent students. @bobcatlisa 's last dive was a personal best to 31 meters, immediately after which a pod of bottlenose dolphins joined us for the next twenty minutes. They might have been attracted to the squeak she makes on her last equalization. @rwirakesuma did an 80' dive after having her first freediving experience a few weeks ago. Good times and great performances by all." For FII courses in Nosara, Costa Rica, contact @bobbyckim.  #fii_freedive #freedivingcourses #freediver #costarica #nosara #girlswhofreedive #mermaid #watergirls #salty #apnea #women
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