• whole30Nope... that doesn't sound good at all. How about opting out of that cycle? Has your Whole30 experience given you any insight on how to move on from this more typical diet mentality?
    To encourage our #JanuaryWhole30'ers who are transitioning to their food freedom lifestyle, this month we're sharing ideas from @melissa_hartwig's book Food Freedom Forever.
    It's the #Whole30, not the Whole365. We want you to "ride your own bike," as the long-term benefits of the program come only once you take what you've learned out there in the real world, creating the perfect diet for you.⠀
    But maintaining the new habits, the health benefits, and the control you've gained around food can be hard. How do you turn a successful Whole30 reset into a lifetime of food freedom? In Food Freedom Forever, Melissa gives you a detailed 3-step plan to help you do just that. For more information on #Whole30FFF, visit whole30.com/foodfreedom

  • madphoemomNeed some forever freedom over here!
  • dafitmom@debfrench, you know what? That's probably it, I do noticed after I tried reintroduce milk, the belly didn't like it. 🙄
  • debfrench@dafitmom when I did my first w30 round last August, I realized dairy was the trigger for my frequent migraines. Crazy, isn't it?! Not a single migraine since I cut dairy out 100% 👍
  • michelle_steger@lauragunit I usually just avoid recipes with tomatos or double up on another veggie. and for spices, I use turmeric, ginger, pepper and herbs and have omitted ALL nightshades spices. I accidentally ate some paprika on day 22 on fish cooked at a restaurant and it reeked havoc on my tummy for 2 days. I really don't miss tomatoes, but I MISS eggplant. 😔 also, I don't have brain fog anymore. Words come to me once again😊
  • luxiem. @chadsveronica 😩
  • lauragunit@hoolsj @michelle_steger thanks so much! I am inspired to try it. I will miss eggplant and spices, but it's worth seeing if it works.
  • michelle_steger@lauragunit if you made whole 30, then it will be easy.... it's only a few more ingredients....YOU GOT THIS. and it's only 30 days....reintroduce after.
  • madmammajamma@mary_junior I see your post and I hope you will get help! 💚
  • ensemble.enamor🤗
  • aventureiros👍👏🔝
  • vgates19@linderlooloo
  • donnasue2638My husband and I are on day 28 and it's been a great journey. We have more energy, sleep better, eat like royalty with all the great recipes we've found. We're so glad we took the challenge.
  • jennybobenny82@chopswife05 Yes! "The same 10 pounds!"
  • ordinary_courageIm back on the Whole30 during the week. Like the reintroduction guideline says, if you're feeling overwhelmed with the reintroduction, go back to what you know. I know the #Whole30 and am already feeling more balanced again. I'll try reintroducing something again this weekend. I didn't like having cravings again. And faster than when I started the Whole30, in just 2 days the cravings are again gone!
  • esther_deutsch@sereens same here and I have weight to lose and I'm young and I was totally eating junk before and I have not cheated once and I work out regularly. no I'm never giving up. I'm going to probably do another round +++ but also add some other healthy foods like kasha and chick peas instead of healthy fats like avocodos and meat :( just sucks though. I want so badly to look as good as I feel.
  • scalestruck💕💕
  • _whitney_wood@wendie3278
  • annegloverI started "playing" with the Whole30 last august after seeing an old friend who had lost 30 pounds in 9 months with Whole30. First I cut out cream and Splenda in my coffee, which I want sure I could do. I read "it starts with food" and decided to give it a go. I did a Whole23 in September because that's all I had between business trips, and since then have really cut out all grains, legumes, dairy and sugar with no heartache at all. (I use the acronym GLADS to remind myself. A for alcohol) Haven't weighed myself in months. Haven't been hungry because of all the healthy fats!!! (Nobody believes me when I tell them that 😱) Went for my annual physical yesterday and had lost 9 pounds in a year! So I'm gonna just keep trucking along eating protein and veggies and healthy fats. With an occasional glass of wine or two. (That's all I really miss 💔). When I eat a roll at dinner (two in six months), my stomach blows up like a balloon and I'm miserable, so that makes my decision very easy the next time. It's not about weight, it's about inflammation!
  • tiffanyblevins01HELP..... I just finished whole30, loved it, did great lost 11.5 pounds. But now I'm having a really hard time with the reintroduction. I keep eating the wrong foods that I haven't had & really overdoing it, feeling guilty, gaining weight back, stuck in this cycle I've been in my whole life.... any tips or wisdom???
  • monicaiswhole@tiffanyblevins01 Sounds like you may need to start another round and extend it past the 30 days. You need to truly relearn new habits and for most that takes longer than 30 days. you're worth it. Don't give up!
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