• thebeckerPlease help me wish my sweet wife @ash_a_ley a happy 32nd birthday! We celebrated with her family last night and today I just want to shout to the world and let everyone know how much I love this woman! She is the best partner I could have ever asked for, a blessing to our family and her mom skills are off the chart! 💘🎉🎁🎂

  • allisonsnowden❤❤❤ love you all!
  • kennyc826Gorgeous
  • roddychungHappy birthday! Are you not at WPPI this year Chris?
  • thebecker@roddychung taking a year off.
  • regetisHappy Birthday!
  • lovedetailedLove!
  • geofilterstudioHave you ever used a Snapchat geofilter?
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