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  • theeconomistOur cover this week: Washington is in the grip of a revolution. As Donald Trump rages against the world he inherited as president, America’s allies are worried - and rightly so.

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  • ismailnoor@rubab_n
  • yosoyelmenor_... @zdi_oficial
  • jp.krause"Revolution?"
  • audgirlevenI'm amazed that you can make jibbering hyperbole so boring to read.
  • mclelsThe Molotov adds salt
  • ebimahdi@klclark123 trump is just as IS and other postmodern Movement againt the last priode of modernism: globalisation. The best idea is : waiting for the result of his decision, because he and his time is not predictable.
  • tenhilltoproadJust reading this now
  • klclark123@ebimahdi Sorry but was that supposed to make sense?
  • zetxeberriWhy do we have to endure this 👎👎👎👎👎👎violent picture?
  • acalacchi@phaedradsr
  • schmiffymimi@sososolalala I would take brexit any day he's created trauma everywhere
  • sososolalalaYeah, but trump is temporary and American civil society is fighting back. Not so in the UK where an actual majority voted for this backward and senseless shit. Brexit is systemic and here to stay.
  • ebimahdi@klclark123 which sense?
  • klclark123@ebimahdi Not the common one apparently...
  • ebimahdi@klclark123 the question is about the nature of such movements in the world: IS, Brexit, Trump and politically the rights movements or conservative-neonationalism in europ( sorry the structure of my sentences is much more german) i didnt say that trump seems to be American IS , but all this movements have a goal to fight modernism specially in its last phase : globalisation. it means this fight is against capitalism too, because the nature of today capitalism depends on globalisation. but i think this should be not successful, because globalisation is today the creature of technology and nobody can stop this. that is my interpretation just as so many. i hope that you have understood my positions.
  • ebimahdi@klclark123 this is because the poblic news agencies fight trump, although he beginns not to work yet. I think capitalism system in us has such fear against trump.
  • rossvassalloTrump is a sociopath
  • kingzebo@theeconomist First and foremost- I'm against Trump in every way possible and I understand Trump is the talk of the town right now. However, as a paid subscriber, several of the past #theeconomist covers have depicted him and in my opinion The Economist should find other global issues to express on the weekly covers. Giving this man the visibility on cover after cover is only helping him.
  • pollockfamily5Very inflammatory.
  • thirtysecondstomars_26This is tremendous!
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