Eek!  Forgot this was coming. 💖
  • lrstitchedEek! Forgot this was coming. 💖

  • kelbysewsI'm reading it today too!!!
  • doctorggI just got the first one!
  • lrstitched@kelbysews I just finished the book I was reading so I can start it tonight! There goes a good nights sleep. 😂
  • lrstitched@doctorgg it's a great series, enjoy!
  • kelbysewsOmg! I just finished and was freaking horrified when I thought that was the last book!!! Thankfully there are more! 😂
  • lrstitched@kelbysews me too! Gah! I don't want to wait a year. 😑 where the heck is Maven?! I hate that we didn't at least get a glimpse. I kind of feel like she ended this one abruptly. I was more pissed than in suspense. 😂
  • kelbysews@lrstitched yes! Huge build up for a whole lot of nothing! I also think she keeps changing Cal's character.
  • lrstitched@kelbysews agreed!
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