4th Muslin of my @grainlinestudio #larktee. I *think* the fit is getting there. Check out my stories and give me some extra eyes on the fit, pretty please? 🙏🏻 #makersgonnamake #sewcialists #thisiswhywemuslin
  • hollicoats4th Muslin of my @grainlinestudio #larktee. I *think* the fit is getting there. Check out my stories and give me some extra eyes on the fit, pretty please? 🙏🏻 #makersgonnamake #sewcialists #thisiswhywemuslin

  • radianthomestudioPersonally, I'd call it good. I think we notice things about fit that no one else notices. In crowds of people, I see much worse fit issues in store-bought clothes...
  • paisleyrootsStripes! Can't wait to see it!
  • littlehousebigwoodsI think the fit across your hips is good. Length is perfect! The back wouldn't bother me at all but the arm part might... 🤔😳
  • lisa.poblenzI was thinking of trying this pattern, but 4 muslins...yikes! That sounds like a lot of work!
  • katelynandcookieI think it looks great! Nobody will notice the little things 😍 and girl! I have some crazy little whispies going on with my hair too!! Post partum is no joke!
  • sandiegotoleesburgI think it looks great! I wouldn't worry about the back or the arm things. I really wouldn't have ever noticed. Plus you might as well start wearing it since it won't fit forever. Because the fit looks great! It looks like it's from a store!
  • sydney.t.tIt's awesome! As someone who barely knows how to sew, I can't see the problems that you're worried about.
  • hollicoats@lisa.poblenz this is my first time sewing grainline studio patterns, and while I'm not giving up on them, I do think the armscye is problematic here and I'd say save yourself some money and buy a different tee pattern.
  • hollicoats@radianthomestudio so true! These are pretty minor. I just hoped 4 Muslins in I'd have it perfect!
  • hollicoats@erinkeith05 I feel like a lot of it is armscye issues- had I realized them first off I could have saved myself a couple Muslins!
  • hollicoatsThank you @sandiegotoleesburg! You're right- I better start enjoying it now!
  • hollicoats@littlehousebigwoods that's what I'm afraid of... may have to wear it a bit and make another version if I can't handle it!
  • hollicoats@saltwaterandclay the more pics I see of this one the more fit issues I see on others! Do you know a good way to fix a swayback on a tee?
  • lisa.poblenz@hollicoats That's helpful. I haven't been a fan since trying their free t-shirt pattern ages ago since the directions were so poorly edited, but I was thinking of breaking my ban. Maybe I'll keep looking, though...
  • hollicoats@lisa.poblenz I didn't like the hemlock either, but a one size shirt (and drop shoulder at that) was bound to be a miss for me as my shoulders are itty bitty 😫
  • cuteclaraboutiqueBlack and white stripes are always in. Wanna see if modeled.
  • saltwaterandclayIm sorry I don't 😞 hoping someone has a good one, since the back of my lark tees looks like this too, and it annoys the heck out of me 😬
  • hollicoats@cuteclaraboutique I'll hopefully get pics tomorrow!
  • hollicoats@saltwaterandclay I found one I'm going to try on the next version- I'll post about it when I do!
  • saltwaterandclayAwesome! Can't wait!
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