Tap video for sound
  • techntalkslpsWorking on articulation of TH with Photo Dice 👍

  • mariaangosto79Love this activity, where did u get it from
  • mariaangosto79😄
  • msgardeniasspeechroomIs this an app???
  • techntalkslps@msgardeniasspeechroom @mariaangosto79 I created articulation dice and use them in the free Photo Dice app for iPad. I can put 100 dice on the board for quick drills.
  • thesltscrapbookThis is fantastic!! What a great idea!!
  • kiwi_speechWhat?! Mind blown!!!!
  • thepedispeechieLoveeee
  • tyarborVery cool!
  • jkiekhoeferspeechAwesome idea
  • omazingkidsCool!
  • agiftofspeechBrilliant!!!!
  • janadian3What are photo dice?
  • techntalkslps@janadian3 it's a free iPad app where you create your own dice the app is called PHOTO DICE
  • omazingkidsWhat source did you use for the articulation pictures? I like how they have the target sound & the word both on them 🙂
  • techntalkslps@omazingkids I used clip art from various Teachers Pay Teachers clip art sellers. I used PowerPoint to put the images in boxes and added the text then saved them as png files. They are actually images I used in my Cariboo Spin & Match product.
  • omazingkids@techntalkslps I ended up using the Custom Boards- Premium app by Smarty Ears (https://appsto.re/us/1hHNB.i) to make pics for the dice. I used the 5 x 6 template, saved it as a picture in my Camera Roll and then cropped out each pic to upload into the dice. Such a cool idea! Thanks for the heads up on this app 🙂
  • techntalkslps@omazingkids post a pic...I'd love to see yours. This is one of my favorite apps.
  • omazingkids@techntalkslps - I just tagged you in my post 🙂
  • omazingkids@techntalkslps - I just used the e-mail feature to send all of my dice over to my iPhone. Very cool. We may have to start a dice swapping club ... lol 😂
  • techntalkslps@omazingkids I've been using this app for a few years and have shared my dice with many SLPs. Originally you could only put just a few dice on the board, and I wanted to be able to load 100 on the board for drills. I got in touch with the app developer, told him how I wanted to use it and he updated the app so I could do just that! He thought the speech therapy use was a great idea.
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