• elizabethtayloraidsfoundationWe can prevent HIV or prosecute HIV, we can't do both. #HIVIsNotACrime #NBHAAD

  • destination_lax_pspTo knowingly infect someone with a deadly disease is homicide. With HIV the only thing standing in the way between life and death is expensive medications. If the ACA is repealed there will be no affordable meds. People will die, and murder will continue. Young gay men are 2.5% of the US population yet responsible for 60% of new HIV infections. Without care they will soon become murderers. Maybe this so called "AIDS COMMUNITY" should have focused on keeping a mad man out of the White House rather then preaching about how important PrEP is to us that remain HIV negative. Fancy, elite parties are nifty, and I'm sure seeing Grace Jones and Sharon Stone in the same room is a gay mind-f_ck, but if you are going to enter the arena of politics I suggest you learn the craft. You are pandering to thousands of gay men that couldn't even be bothered to vote "thank you" to President Obama in the midterms. The country is learning a tough lesson. It's about time young gay men learn one too. Wear a f_cking condom! #IMissET
  • theseroproject
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