• lornabyrneangelsAngel Jimazen and Mother Earth are calling on us every day to prayer and take action to help our planet and stop climate change. Every thing is effected: our seas, our atmosphere, our crops, our homes, our animals, our entire world. Every action we take counts. We all must do what we can. We do not want the children of the future to look back and say, "Why were you so stupid? So careless? Why did you not care about us?" In my new book, Angels at My Fingertips, I share more of what I have seen between Mother Earth and Angel Jimazen and what we must do to help our planet. Preorder Angels at My Fingertips here: http://ow.ly/Nx41308KnLQ #climatechange #climateaction #instadaily #makeachange #forthefuture

  • serenity2405:-).
  • pollux_bunny_giantStop eating meat will save the planet!
  • deanamarielinnThank you for sharing this message beautiful Lorna! I pray every day all day 👼🏼🙏💕
  • kralova.alenaPeople must change their thinking 🙏🍀
  • waves4dev🌀🌎
  • maryalice3yay! preorder done!
  • bambi79seanTrying to give back to the planet by recycling. Thank you for pushing the message out there
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