• hamnashidayogaYoga is not just about asana, it is about dropping into present-centered awareness, it is about identifying with what unites us rather than with what divides us.
    We are different expressions of the same life force. We are energy. There is no skin color, nationality, gender, or sexual orientation for that. When we were born we forgot about our essential oneness and instead became blinded by this illusion of separateness.
    We have come here to learn how to love, to remember that we are not our bodies, we are divine and limitless beings inhabiting these human bodies for a finite amount of time and by some miracle we have crossed paths in this life, this spark within a void of infinity.
    Somehow I forget that beyond the pain and struggle of everyday life there is the eternal witness whispering "let go, trust, I love you." As I wake up from a this deep slumber of illusion I know that love and kindness are the only religion worth believing in, and that I am wasting my precious time on this ferociously beautiful earth when I play small, when I limit myself, when I hesitate in speaking my heart's words and when I choose to focus on all the ways I am not good enough instead of loving myself from the deepest roots of my inner child to the woman I have grown to be.
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  • haviviI see you're studying psychotherapy, I'm also a therapist working with trauma and addiction!
  • hamnashidayoga@havivi that's amazing! Phew that's hard work. I am diving into coursework all about the abuse and neglect of children and it's been intense! It makes me so upset that Trump wants to eliminate the DOJs Office of Violence Against Women 😡 I guess that's why we gotta do what we do! Much love to you 💕
  • haviviAbuse and neglect is also a big aspect of our trauma work, childhood trauma and how it affects us today as adults and how we use drug/process addictions to cope. It's tough but rewarding work. Good luck to you in your studies! ❤️
  • joemachorroI am moved, thank you so much for this.
  • electricandrose
  • meganloveskarmaLoved your class yesterday and remembering let go trust I love you. Amazing stuff! Hope to be able to take a class again
  • hamnashidayoga@havivi thank you!!
  • trybellemagSo beautiful and so true
  • sofeedSo good 🙌
  • kylie_energyhealing❤❤❤
  • yoga.benefitspretty posts😍💓
  • ink_ck😊👍
  • phil.scullyBeautiful. Really enjoyed your class yesterday. Sorry had to leave early but my daughter got sick at home and needed to provide hugs! Look forward to seeing u in future. Thx
  • wandagalvaoNice
  • wandagalvaoNice
  • flightofpoesyThe caption... 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
  • bkteesAwesome !
  • hamnashidayoga@phil.scully no worries at all! 💕you're a good momma 😊see you soon!
  • hamnashidayoga@meganloveskarma it was so great to have you in class! 💕I'm so happy that you connect with that too 🙏🏻😊
  • amronajy
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