@cartier #lenvol #lenvoldecartier #mathildelaurent #honey #woods #resin #sotd #scentoftheday one of my favourite 2016 releases, sweet and mellow
  • clayton_wmssl@cartier #lenvol #lenvoldecartier #mathildelaurent #honey #woods #resin #sotd #scentoftheday one of my favourite 2016 releases, sweet and mellow

  • richgoller💛💛💛
  • theloungeboyI'm glad someone likes it!
  • _ksyushas_Love it! But the bottle is so weird!)) gay in boutique dropped the inside thing and could got it back🙄
  • clayton_wmssl@theloungeboy I think it's a brave fragrance compared to its biggest rival Prada Pour Homme, which launched around the same time. It's surprisingly quirky for a mainstream Cartier release
  • clayton_wmssl@_ksyushas_ I like the bottle top. But yes, you have to be careful with the glass cloche
  • theloungeboyI only have sample vials and think it's terrible. Fascinating that you feel exactly the opposite. Makes me want to try to find something worthwhile in it but so far no luck.😒 Enjoy!
  • humberto.barbosa39Clayton a im absolutely in love with L'ENVOL. I own the 100 ml bottle.
  • lookfeelsmellgreat@clayton_wmssl hey there it's one of my favorite 2016 releases too! No one in YouTube fragcomm is talking about this what is the deal? The YouTube fragcomm thinks Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo was better than this? I was like you've got to be kidding me!
  • vaguesouvenirBeautiful bottle (and the picture, of course) 😍 Didn't quite like the scent though, too modern for my taste 😆
  • cwergeAgreed I think one of the best from 2016 👌👌👌👌
  • clayton_wmssl@theloungeboy I'm yet to find a fragrance that everyone loves or hates... all part of the fun of fragrance 👍
  • clayton_wmssl@vaguesouvenir I think Mathilde Laurent's work is really interesting. I love a lot of her fragrances for Cartier and others feel like perfume on Ambien. I haven't quite put my finger on why I love some and others not so much. It's totally subjective. The ones I don't like have legions of fans and vice versa
  • clayton_wmssl@lookfeelsmellgreat I can appreciate her fragrances might appeal to a subtle palette. What I like about L'Envol is the unexpected olfactory profile for a mainstream Cartier release in comparison to the much more predictable Eau de Cartier and Declaration flankers
  • fragrancee4gleLooks really interesting! Can you recommend it? ☺
  • clayton_wmssl@fragrancee4gle I like it but you can see from the comments not everyone will give you a recommendation. It depends on what you like 🙂
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